Educational Tax Credit Alert

Submitted by admin on Tue, 03/15/2016 - 14:33

Dear New York Christian Schools,

The New York State Legislature has proposed an exciting bill in the Assembly, Senate, and the Governor has included in his 2016-17 budget the creation of a state Education Tax Credit of up to $150 million annually to expand educational access and opportunity for children, especially from low-income and working-class families. We are expecting the legislature to make a decision about the Education Tax Credit by Easter or the end of the month, so quick action is important.

We are asking that you share the information about The Education Tax Credit with your school community AND consider attending an Advocacy Day at the Capitol on Monday, March 21with us, the ACSINY Leaders, to help tell our legislators this story.

Here are some simple steps you can take to make a difference:

1. Go to the ACSINY Voter Voice Advocacy Campaign and take about three minutes to send a message of support to your legislators.

2. Ask your staff, parents, and Christian School Community to do the same. Send the following paragraph or your own version of it to your school communities through your school communication.

    Dear Staff and Parents,
    We are asking you to contact your legislators and the Governor to ask them to support the Education Tax Credit which will allow businesses to take tax credits to help families pay tuition for Preschool through 12th grade education and increase public school funds, which will then mean increased funding for after-school programs, tutoring, art, music, and other education enrichment or programming. Please take a minute and go to the ACSINY Voter Voice Advocacy Campaign and let your elected officials know you support this campaign: You can find out more about ACSINY and the Education Tax Credit at

3. Consider coming to Albany next Monday, March 21, to meet with the ACSINY Christian School Leaders to help your legislators understand the importance of your Christian School in your community and how helping parents pay tuition can be so important to your families. Contact one of the ACSINY leaders below to find out more about this important opportunity. If you need help with transportation to get to the meeting, contact us for assistance.

This is a wonderful opportunity to expand our student population and bring the Gospel to families throughout our state by having them attend our faith based schools. Please pray and consider adding your voice to the worthwhile cause!

In His palm together,

ACSINY (Association of Christian Schools New York) Leaders

Katie Hills, Loudonville Christian School Dr. John Storey, ACSI Regional Director
Aimee Adams, Valley Stream Christian Academy Rick Bonifas, Manhattan Christian Academy
John Nelson, Houghton Academy Todd Slabaugh, New Life Christian School
Herbert Parker, Greece Christian School Alex Averin, Faith Christian Academy
Craig Miller, Cortland Christian Academy Dr. D. Merle Skinner, Champion Christian School