Ask Your Legislators to Enact School Choice NOW!

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We are asking all school administrators to send this message regarding our current voter voice campaign throughout your school communities to ask legislators to vote for school tax credits. We need you to do this as quickly as possible to help push this important issue over the top in NY. We are hearing from legislators that without some major grassroots feedback they will not make this a high priority.

You can view and participate in the campaign by visiting our Voter Voice website. This is a very simple and quick way to contact your legislators online; if you choose to use the message that has already been composed, the whole process could take you a minute or less! Feel free to use the paragraph below as is, or tweak it to fit your needs, to send out to your school community. Please communicate them the importance and urgency of this campaign.

    Dear Christian School Family,
    Lawmakers are expected to enact a state budget by the end of March and, once again, they are considering a program to help families pay for tuition at Christian elementary and secondary schools. While there is considerable support for the initiative, there are those who strongly oppose offering any support to our tuition-paying families. Please take a moment to urge Governor Cuomo and legislators to help families pay for Christian school tuition by including Education Tax Credits or a similar program in the enacted state budget. Time is of the essence, so please act now! Join us and let your voice be heard by participating in our Voter Voice campaign (; it will only take a few minutes of your time to send this message to your legislators.